it is what you think it is

ya know how every store gives you a buy ten - get one free card or a shoppers reward card. well, i don't know about you.. but my walet only has about six card slots. not sixty. one night i decided to punch holes in the right hand corner of all of them and combine them witrh a key ring. simple right? not only does it keep them all together but you actually end up using them and saving money or getting things for free :) i've had them like this for almost a year and my husband still gets embarrassed when i pull it out of my purse. but.. every time i do, it gets complimented.

we'll see how this goes..

as you assumed, my husband loves sports. all sports. i watch espn everyday and probably could tell you more about it than any other channel. sometimes i even catch myself watching it without him. since it is on so much, i find things to do while he gets his sports fix for the day. so i decided to start a blog and share what i do in case you find yourself in the same situation. i understand, baseball season never ends and i can only sit still for so long too.