seriously.. a dream come true

my friend posted this and i thought it was so cute that i had to too. the first time i watched this, i started to cry because i was just so excited for her.

after watching, nick said..
"that is why we cannot have girls! she should be happy!"
nick doesn't understand tears of joy i guess.. haha

"i'm the second nicki minaj!"

this girl is so good! and plus, i love ellen and anyone who can rock the bright colored hair :)


my cute friend jordan found this bracelet blog via pinterest.

she made one and i thought they were so cute so i asked her to teach me..
here's how mine turned out.

i made a few other ones too so i could mix it up.
find the blog to the video of how to make them here.
(sorry for the bad pictures. i have a dinosaur camera) :)

booOooOoOOo!! BOOO!! or boo

so i thought it'd be fun to start the phantom ghost around our apartment complex.
you should start it in your neighborhood too.
i found the printable here and told nick about it.
he wasn't nearly as excited as i was.
he looked at it and said "you've been booed? is that like booOooOOo (scary), or BOOO!! (like you don't agree with the ref), or like you're my boo?"
seriously?? ha ha
he was only excited about eating the treats that i was going to make.
go figure.
however, then i told him about having to leave it, ring, and run..
he is such a little kid cause he said he'd help with that.
well, that night i made these (yep, found them on pinterest) for a little halloween treat to take around.
about half-way in, i thought i was going to be throwing them away..
so if you make them, don't give up! they'll turn out great and even taste better than they look.

i purposely didn't post the original picture next to mine...
i would suggest making them though - great fall treat!

germs are scary

just a cute halloween gift for friends, family, neightbors, visiting teachers, ect.
here's what mine look like..

go here to print off the cute "germs are scary" tag.
you will love their blog if you don't already follow it.
and hurry into bath and body works - the soaps are 50% off right now.

ketchup and mustard

while nick was in greece (for way too long might i add), i went up to my cabin over the weekend with my family. this lovely piece of work has been in our room up there and every time i go, i can only think of ketchup and mustard when i look at it. i guess there used to be two chests of drawers, one red - one yellow. i think someone thought it'd be funny to mix them up i guess and we got stuck with this..

while i was up there, i thought i could help it out a touch. after a few ski runs, laying out and relaxing, i decided to top it off with a project :) perfect summer day if only my husband was there. here is the finishing product - not anything fabulous, but definitely looks better.
so easy! some sand paper, white spray paint, deep ocean acrylic paint, and a finish clear coat.
sorry about the clutter on top, i still need to decorate the room.

diy pedicure

i have only been to get a pedicure once. my feet are so dang ticklish that it almost impossible for the cute ladies to actually do the pedicure. so, if your feet are anything like mine, or would like a pedicure while sitting on a lawn chair at the beach, or if you simply don't want to spend the money.. 
this is for you!
originally, my mom got this pedicure recipe from studio 5 and i got it from her. however, i have changed it a bit and feel weird calling it a recipe when it's for your feet, so we're going to call it a pedicure mixture.
this is all you need. 


1 bucket
warm water
epsom Salt
borax (i can only find this at walmart - by the laundry detergent)
baby oil


fill your foot spa/bucket with comfortably warm water. soak feet in warm water for 5 minutes.  add 1/2 cup epsom salt and 1/4 cup borax. stir around with feet and soak for another 5 minutes.  while soaking, put 1 cup of epsom salt in a zip-lock bag and add baby oil (enough to mix in with all the salts).  then scrub feet with the baby oil and salt mixture, leave on feet for 1-2 minutes, then wash off in bucket.  dry feet.

you may add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, such as sandalwood, chamomile, lavender, or peppermint.  for a truly exotic soak, float some fresh cut flower heads in the water.


august 26, 2010

we have happily enjoyed one year of being married.
       there seriously isn't anything better...

people say the first year is the hardest - luckily for us, i don't know how it could get any better :)

 so dang cute, they love him so much

 i finally have brothers, and nephews :)

 sisters :)

what a babe! i love him

it truly has been the happiest year of my twenty two years
            here's to forever. and ever. :)
                     i love you nick.
                  happy anniversary!

stencil designed tray

i picked up this lovely tray at hobby lobby.
i love animal prints but only on certain items.. this is not one of those.

however, it was on clearance and only $5.10..

here is the vision..
i printed this off the internet and cut out all the black with an exacto knife.
     (can't find a stencil you like at hobby lobby - make it yourself!)

i painted the whole thing white as a primer, then covered up the cheetah print area and painted the rest black and let it dry. my cute mom let me borrow her stencil brush (i miss doing crafts at home with all my mom's stuff - now i have to start collecting my own things).

here is the finished product.

mint sorbet, sidewalkers, and over the toupe

i'm obsessed. not your typical choice of nail polish colors - but simply the greatest!

while THEY were watching ESPN

i have no words..
sunday evening our friends jordan and bridger booras came over for dinner and games. we ate and then jordan helped me make baby shower invitations. the boys made fun of us for doing crafts. but... a few minutes later, who was doing the crafts?
the boys got talking about making a water balloon launcher to take with us to bear lake over the fourth of july. they youtubed 'how to make a water balloon launcher', but decided not take the youtube advice. they thought they could make a better one. typical boys. bridger ran home and came back with workout bands, fabric (that the booras' used to cover their chairs), and a needle and thread. as you can see, nick is trying to thread the needle (which ended up being a needle tied to the thread and bridger telling him he did it wrong). bridger is actually good at sewing. he hand-sewed reinforcements around all the holes and sewed on a handle. unfortunately, we tested the launcher and the balloon got squished in the fabric and exploded over nick before it even took flight. we went back and the boys decided to try something different. bridger ran home again and came back with a drill, and a funnel. i guess that's how boys do crafts. in the end, the water balloon launcher was a success.

zucchini or weed? that is the question.

about a month ago our apartment complex cleared out what used to be a hot tub and made it in to a garden area. our complex offered plots to those who wanted a garden space. i wasn't thrilled about the idea, considering i have killed a bamboo plant - which are quite impossible to kill, but i was bored one day and was only working part-time so i decided to grow me some vegetables. i bought some seeds, planted them, and waited. i watered them every day. and waited. and still nothing. finally after i thought they were not going to grow, some leaves of the zucchini sprouted.

it was an exciting day - i didn't kill them all! a few days later the onions and carrots started to show. skip ahead a few weeks - it was looking good. knowing you grew the zucchini too.. zucchini bread has never sounded so good.
yesterday after work, my husband mentioned he watered our garden as we walked past it. "..and i weeded too." oh no. i immediately noticed our zucchini leaves were gone. there they were, set off to the side, shriveled up. bless his heart. ya can't get mad when he had great intentions.

he did point out that it still might grow because he "may not have pulled the whole thing out." we'll see... ;)

i like my coffee black. coffee table, that is.

disclaimer: i really don't drink coffee.
the coffee table is where my husband puts his food while he watches espn.
our coffee table looks like it's thirty dollars and from wal-mart. suprisingly... that's becasue it was. well, it looked out of place and too small in our living room (which is very rare in an apartment as small as ours). but i came home from work one day and decided i was done with it. after about fifteen minutes online, i found one that would look great in our home. short drive to pg and later that night it was in my living room. thank you ksl. it looked a little like this...
it needed a touch of help so i took some re-doing furniture advice from my friend on all things thrifty (i actually have never met or talked to her - but i feel like we are friends cause i look at her blog almost daily). nick was busy most of the weekend coaching at the byu fathers and sons camp so i decided it was a great time to get it done. here's how it turned out...
and yes, that is my apartment complex in the background. i need a garage for projects.

it is what you think it is

ya know how every store gives you a buy ten - get one free card or a shoppers reward card. well, i don't know about you.. but my walet only has about six card slots. not sixty. one night i decided to punch holes in the right hand corner of all of them and combine them witrh a key ring. simple right? not only does it keep them all together but you actually end up using them and saving money or getting things for free :) i've had them like this for almost a year and my husband still gets embarrassed when i pull it out of my purse. but.. every time i do, it gets complimented.

we'll see how this goes..

as you assumed, my husband loves sports. all sports. i watch espn everyday and probably could tell you more about it than any other channel. sometimes i even catch myself watching it without him. since it is on so much, i find things to do while he gets his sports fix for the day. so i decided to start a blog and share what i do in case you find yourself in the same situation. i understand, baseball season never ends and i can only sit still for so long too.